Jonah Mix Rumor Round Up!

For at least a year or so, there have been rumors floating around the Internet about me. Most are spread by one or two specific people, but many well-meaning women and men accept them and share them around without knowing if they’re true or not. In the interest of transparency and honesty, I thought I’d go over a few here, so you can make your own decision about whether or not I’m a terrible person.

Jonah Mix took payment for his articles on Feminist Current, depriving women of much-needed funds!

This is provably false. I have never received a dime for any article I’ve written, ever. I certainly never even considered the idea that Meghan would pay me for anything I wrote – you can ask her if it ever even came up in conversation. I’ve donated hundreds of dollars to Feminist Current over the last two years, and that’s the only direction money has gone.

Jonah Mix pretended to be a woman in order to infiltrate radical feminist spaces!

This is another provably false claim. When I first got on Tumblr, I was in the depths of my queer phase and identified as ~*~*non-binary*~*~. But of course, it took about a week of exposure to radical feminism – exposure I gained through following anti-porn and anti-prostitution blogs – before I dropped the act, and from then on I always identified myself clearly as a man. Any reference to me “hiding my gender” is just inaccurate. Some confusion arose later when quotes of mine from Facebook were posted without my knowledge under the name “Huff Yupp,” which I was using on Facebook to avoid my boss finding and friending me. Some women assumed that Huff Yupp was a woman, which is unfortunate, but has nothing to do with me – especially considering the original quotes would have been next to a Facebook profile picture of my bearded face.

Jonah Mix downloaded pornography under the guise of “research” when writing his articles for Feminist Current!

Actually, I did no such thing. In one of my articles, I describe a nude photograph of Jennifer Lawrence as “blurry,” leading many to assume that I had somehow learned of its quality from first-hand viewing. Truth is, I’ve actually never seen it. It may be very high resolution, in which case I apologize. In fact, I was scolded by a writer friend of mine for using that adjective when I hadn’t confirmed it myself. Writers do that, though, sometimes. I will point out, by the way, that I have actually downloaded pornography for research – specifically, I illegally downloaded a few pornographic films and sent them (without watching) to Rebecca Whisnant for her article on pornography and humiliation, so she wouldn’t have to pay for them. The fact that I didn’t watch them beforehand actually turned out to be an issue, because the versions I downloaded for her happened to be cut in a way that removed the scenes she needed. Other than this specific instance, I don’t download pornography at all, especially not for “research.”

Jonah Mix plagiarized Lierre Keith and Rachel Ivey!

This is a misunderstanding. Lierre Keith and Rachel Ivey posted a quote of mine on a page they managed, but accidentally left off the attribution. When I used that quote later in an article, some people understandably saw that it had been up on their site previously and assumed I had taken it from there. But if you really want to take the time to check, you can see that the first time the quote was ever posted was on my Facebook, a few days before it was posted anywhere else. Again, feel free to ask Lierre or Rachel to confirm this.

Jonah Mix secretly followed a porn blog on Tumblr!

There is a screenshot of my Tumblr from a few years ago where, if you look on the sidebar where the blogs I follow are listed, there’s a BDSM-themed page shown. This has been sent around as proof that I am or was a secret porn user. The actual truth, of course, is that while being an anti-porn man online won’t get you the threats of rape and death it gets women, it does drive men to repeatedly send you porn GIFs, mock pictures of you online, and in one case, post your personal information (that was my mom’s house, but nice try!). Navigating this abuse was my only interaction with any porn-themed tumblrs, many of which harassed me for months. During this time, I intermittently followed a few to send them private messages and see what they were posting about me. I always removed them afterwards, because seeing women tortured on my dashboard was never pleasant. But if you want to believe instead that, on a blog where I posted almost exclusively about pornography and prostitution, I also decided that I would indulge a secret porn habit by following a single BDSM porn blog in a space where anyone could see it, that’s up to you.

Jonah Mix is actually the serial abuser Wes King!

This accusation is perhaps the most serious. A man named Wes King existed for a while on the fringe of some radical feminist groups before eventually being revealed as a predator and sexual abuser. I am not him, despite the dozens of people who apparently thought it was appropriate to share unfounded accusations that I was. A quick look at a picture of Wes and me side to side will show you that mistaking me for him, while flattering (his hairline is significantly stronger), is absurd. He also has notable tattoos that I don’t have, and writes poetry so bad I couldn’t recreate it if I tried.

Jonah Mix said shitty things on Tumblr!

This is another baseless accusa- Actually, this is very true. I want to be very clear that I have fucked up in the past. When I first got into anti-porn activism, I completely failed to create any kind of accountability relationships – partially because I had just severed connections with many people in preparation for ordaining as a Buddhist monk, partially because rural Idaho is not a particular hub of radical feminist activism, but mainly because I made the decision, as an entitled man, that I didn’t need it. I’ve written before about how men are always looking to find the woman it’s okay to hate, and I was (and still am) no exception. I described liberal feminism and the idea of feminist porn as “stupid” and said it “made me want to vomit,” among other condescending things – this is unacceptable, and I apologize. Since moving to Bellingham, and now to California, I’ve established meaningful relationships with women as mentors and, yes, as critics. But I say with zero sarcasm that I support any woman who reads what I said two years ago and decides that makes me ineligible as their ally or supporter.


There are many women who like my writing and value what I do, and many who think I’m literally human garbage. That’s fine. I just want to work with and support those who find it helpful, and avoid the women who don’t. If you have questions about me, feel free to ask, or feel free to ask any of the women who actually know me and have worked with me. But I want to stress that these are not “He Said, She Said” conflicts or ambiguous issues where you need to trust my word over women’s. These claims are demonstrably and undeniably false. There are women who don’t like me and think I’m a jerk based on completely true facts about me. They’re free to say whatever they’d like, and I have zero ill will towards any woman who listens to them and agrees. But these particular statements about me are not opinions. They’re objectively untrue accusations, spread by someone who is about one notch below a cyber-stalker. So please, when you hear the seventh unverified rumor about me, just remember that the same few people behind the last six have had no issue making unfounded, obviously false, and in some cases plainly absurd claims about me with zero accountability afterward.

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