The purpose of this blog is to call out and criticize the misogyny, homophobia, and general absurdity found in modern queer and trans communities. Topics will generally include gender, prostitution, pornography, and other expressions of male violence.

All views expressed are my own, but everything is heavily rooted in the analyses made first and foremost by radical feminists. I thank them for their guidance, patience, and bravery.

As a man, the enshrinement of gender benefits me. The elimination of female spaces and female identities benefits me. The complete refusal to honestly and openly confront male supremacy, the defining feature of the queer community, benefits me. The only just response is to act in solidarity with radical feminists by opposing queer theory and other men’s rights movements.

Any mistakes are my own. Thanks.





  1. You are very brave!! I am hanging on your every word. Thank you for being you!!

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