Who I Am

Hey buddy, I’m Huff. Recovering queer theorist, male acting in solidarity with radical feminists. Currently chillin’ on the top of the privilege pyramid.


  1. When did you realize there is something wrong with queer theory and how and why did you became a queer theorist?

  2. I mean “how did you become a queer theorist” sorry

  3. A male, presumably hetero, cis, and white (“top of the privilige pyramid”), given free reign to attack “queer theoriests” aka those who are gay/bi/trans/otherwise not “on-the-top-of-the-privilige-pyramid”. Nope nothing wrong with that picture at all.

    • Please find an example of me attacking homosexuals or bisexuals. Why would I? I love homosexuality – or, more accurately, I think heterosexuality is depraved. Queer theory is not representative of the interests of most homosexuals. After all, ideologies that condemn lesbians for having an actual sexual preference for females are fairly homophobic.

  4. You’re attacking “Queer Theorists”. The vast majority of people who fall under such a label aren’t straight. Any time you paint queer theorists as horrible you run a high risk of engaging in homophobia as you have privilige over the majority of the “queer theorists” you’re attacking (straight cis male talking over gay, bi, and trans men and women, so par the course for patriarchy really).

    And since you aren’t affected by the issues you talk about (if you were you couldn’t be at the top of the privilige pyramid as you claim) so it’s all probably a game to you.

    • First off, I’m not straight. Heterosexuality is depraved, remember?

      Secondly, plenty of males in the queer community are actually heterosexuals, even if they call themselves “lesbians”.

      Thirdly, “par for the course for patriarchy” is the idea that possession of a penis gives one the power to redefine the world and punish women who disagree – that’s also a central tenant of queer theory, of course.

      Finally, I am actually affected greatly by these issues because, as a man, men’s rights movements like queer theory are immensely beneficial. It’s not a “game” speaking out against masculinity’s violation imperative; it’s a responsibility that all men have.

  5. I love you!!!!

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